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How my I help you?

The 30-something DILF landlord next door keeps coming over to chat with me when I’m working in the yard. I don’t mind at all, but I had to actually excuse myself today because I’d literally watered everything in the front yard including the grass. I think he may want me to plant something in his garden as well.
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When you’re on a date with someone and they take off their shirt and apologize for being so hairy (front and back) and inside you’re just doing a happy dance because you feel you won the lottery. And you’re like “it’s totally ok, I like furry men” and all you can think of is rubbing up against that pelt like a cat in heat.
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Alan Rickman

Why does one always have the most desired dream (flying, for example) right before the alarm wakes you so it is interrupted?

I had a dream that I was swimming in a hotel pool somewhere in Europe and somehow I found myself hanging out with Alan Rickman. The Younger, Pride and Prejudice version... and having hung out most of the day with him, and chatting with him in the pool, I cornered him, took his head in my hands, and gave him the longest, tenderest, most sensuous kiss of my being, as if I’d never again have the chance to kiss him. And we just looked at each other.... and he asked me if I would spend the next sunrise in his arms, and I said yes. And we just stared at each other, locked in each other’s gazes.

And the fucking alarm. At least I finally got to kiss Alan Rickman, and let me tell you, IT WAS AMAZING.
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New Puppeh?

About 2 years ago, I started working a 6 year old American Saddlebred Stallion, barn name of "Rubbish". I had no intentions of getting a horse, but we ended up adopting each other. I don't like stallions: They're agressive, need tons of work to keep from getting bored, especially during breeding season, they can be mean, they can't be worked around mares, and all in all they're often assholes.

Except Rubbish. Rubbish is mischievous to be sure, but for the most part, we're wild about each other. I call him Puppeh (Puppy). He was meant to be my big gaited show horse, but instead it looks like we're doing dressage. (Think ballroom dancing on horseback). The only drawback is that I have to keep him at the barn out in Forest Grove (at least it's by work, so I see him 5 times a week).

He's keeping me happy and poor.

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Teaching the mud

So, for the past 4 months, I have been a ceramics teacher and studio manager at Valley Arts Association. I am FUCKING LOVING IT. My students rock, and the classes are going very well. I take Mondays off, as I work weekends: Saturday at the barn, and Sunday at I teach. Of course, "Taking Mondays Off" ACTUALLY means that I don't drive the 30 miles out to Forest Grove, Oregon. I just work my butt off in town. Of course that "working my butt off" doesn't actually apply to things I SHOULD be doing, like HOUSEWORK. I'm rarely home, and when I am, I'm either stuffing my face, in the bath (drinking wine and re-reading a favorite book) or in bed, trying to stuff 9 hours of sleep into 6 hours. STILL, outside of needing a regular BF or FWB, I'm quite happy.
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Say whut?

That moment when an old boyfriend, a minor celebrity in the gay circles (vocal and fitness model and wanna be author {terrible: couldn't read a whole page it was that bad}) has a online profile entitled "Hung4head" and talks on how he likes to satisfy "Power Muscle Bottoms". And I'm like HUNG?!? HUNG???????? Since WHEN? Is there a surgery for that??? HUNG????
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recent adventures in mud

download (13)
download (14)
download (21)
download (22)
download (42)
download (48)
download (49)
download (55)I've been busy in the clay studio. Lots of goodies for sale, not that I'm pushing them here, mind...but if you do see something you like... I've currently stopped my etsy page while we work out some charges I did not agree to. (Grrrrr.)

download (3)
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download (26)
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download (36)
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still kicking!

FB_IMG_1401463802663Just a short note. LJ is getting more insistent about me remembering people on here, and since there's things I don't care to talk about on FB, I may once again start posting bits here, and bore you all to tears with links to my new studio work. Yep. I now have a clay studio, and am working in the mud of my choice.